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There are more and more women who value sustainability. With alternative feminine hygiene and reusable products, you are not only doing something good for the environment, but also for your wallet!

avo+cado Organic Cotton Cloth Pad - 3 Pcs.
Size: L

Variants from €15.90*
Smart Bottoms Diaper Clutch (S)
Pattern: Periodically

Variants from €10.90*
Smart Bottoms mini wet bag (xs)
Pattern: Aqua Floral

Variants from €9.20*
Pop-in Stuff Sack
Pattern: Toucan

Merula Cup XL Menstrual Cup
Merula Farbe: Fox

Imse Panty Liners & Cloth Pads (Active) - 3 Pcs.
Size: Normalbinde (M) | ImseVimse pattern: Black

Variants from €19.90*
Imse Panty Liners & Cloth Pads (Classic) - 3 Pk
Size: Pantyliner (S) | ImseVimse pattern: Orange Sprinkle

Smart Bottoms Tote Bag
Pattern: Cosmos

TotsBots Nora (Stay Dry) Cloth Pad (Size: Midi (M) / Print: Seascape)
Bloom & Nora Muster: Seascape | Size: Midi (M)

Variants from €7.90*
Maijat Panty Liners & Cloth Pads
Size: Normalbinde (M) | Myllymuksut Farben: Braun gestreift

Variants from €7.90*
Bloom & Nora Bloomers Bamboo Cloth Pads
Bloom & Nora Muster: Lush | Size: Mini (S)

Bumblito Adult Headband
Pattern: Little Wings

Variants from €10.90*
Imse Wetbag (XS)
ImseVimse pattern: Rose

Maijat Bamboo Nursing Pads - 3 Pairs (Small)
Myllymuksut Farben: gemischte Muster

Petit Lulu Cloth Pads SLIM - 3-Pack
Size: Nachtbinde (L) | Petit Lulu pattern: Labyrinth

Variants from €18.90*
HappyPo Po-Dusche Mobile Bidet 300ml
HappyPo Farbe: Himbeere

Bumblito Tie-On Headband
Pattern: Cosmos

Bloom & Nora Nora Stay Dry Panty Liner
Bloom & Nora Muster: Petal

Petit Lulu Wet Bag (XS)
Petit Lulu pattern: Melons

Planet Wise Nursing Cover
Planet Wise Muster: Bronze Poppy

Pink Daisy Cloth Pads (Stay Dry)
Size: Wochenbettbinde (XL) | Blueberry Pattern: Blueberry Blooms

Variants from €12.90*
Imse Panty Liners Tanga - 3 Pcs
ImseVimse pattern: White

Maijat Dry Liner Nursing Pads - 3 Pairs (Small)
Myllymuksut Farben: gemischte Muster

Bumblito Beanie
Size: Teenager | Pattern: Game over

Variants from €13.50*
Imse Stay Dry Nursing Pads - 3 Pairs
ImseVimse pattern: Black

Petit Lulu Panty Liner CLASSIC – 3 pcs
Size: L (Nachtbinde) | Petit Lulu pattern: Cat Meadow

Variants from €20.90*
Pink Daisy Cloth Pads (Organic Cotton)
Size: Pantyliner (S) | Blueberry Pattern: Bouquet

Imse Cleansing Pads - 10 pcs + mesh bag
ImseVimse pattern: Pink Edges

TotsBots Mini Wet Bag (XS)
TotsBots pattern: Hop Little Bunny

Bumblito Bee Covered
Pattern: Periodically

Variants from €24.90*
Imse Washable Face Wipes - 3 Pcs
ImseVimse pattern: Pastel Hoop

Bumblito Flat Headband
Pattern: Ever After

Smart Bottoms Wayfarer
Pattern: Little Ladybugs

Variants from €28.80*
Imse Reusable Organic Cotton Tampons - 8 Pack
Size: Mini | ImseVimse pattern: Garden

Lunette Menstrual Cup
Lunette Farbe: Lila | Lunette Größe: Modell 1 (S)

Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup
Luv Ur Body Farbe: Weiß mit roten Blumen | Luv Ur Body Größe: Größe S

Bumblito Loop Scarf
Pattern: Manhattan

MonthlyCup Menstrual Cup
Size: Mini | Colour: Blue Sapphire

Imse Cleansing Pads – 10 Pcs
ImseVimse pattern: Pastel Hoop