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Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup

* 100% medical grade silicone
* FDA approved
* Silicone firmness: medium to hart 4/5

The beautiful Luv Ur Body menstrual cups are eco-friendly, cost effective and safer alternatives to pads and tampons. The Luv Ur Body cups are known for their unique attractive design and their larger volume capacity.

The cup is folded and inserted inside the vagina, where it can be worn for up to 12 hours or overnight. After rinsing, the clean cup is reinserted again. On days of heavy bleeding, the cup is removed and emptied every few hours. After every period the cup needs to be sterilised by boiling, and then it can be stored until the next month. Well-cared for menstrual cups can be used for around three years. 

Special features of the LUB cups:

* The cute flower and leaf design is not just for aesthetics. The lightly raised "barely there" pattern creates slip resistance with the vaginal wall, when a woman "bears down" e.g. sneezing, coughing, squatting or when making a bowel movement. Some women find other menstrual cups too smooth and experience that they slide down due to lack of friction, but not with these cups. The smaller flowers at the base also provide grip during removal. The raised design is barely noticeable when wearing and it is easy to clean.

* Three sizes holding between 28-34,5ml of fluid. In contrast, a tampon absorbs between 6-18ml of fluid. You won't need to empty your cup as often as changing a tampon and no waste is produced.

* Luv Ur Body cups are wider and hold more volume than other brands like Lunette, therefore they are ideal for larger women with heavy flows. The LUB small model is larger than the Lunette 1 (S) and the LUB Medium has the same diametre as the Lunette 2 (L). 

* The LUB Large is one of the largest models on the market with a diametre of 48mm and 34,5ml capacity. 

* The LUB Medium is unique, because it is extra long and suited for women with a high sitting cervix. If you have trouble to reach your cervix with your finger, because it sits so high, you should have no problem to reach the base of the Medium cup.

Designed in Nigeria. Made in Malaysia.

Rim Diametre42mm45mm:48mm
Leaf Stem Length18mm20.3mm20,3mm
Cup Capacity28ml31ml34,5ml
Cup Length47mm61.7mm56,7mm
Silicon Hardness:MittelMittelMittel

Properties "Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup"
Made in: Malaysia
Material: Silicone
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