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MonthlyCup Menstrual Cup

* 100% medical grade silicon
* Available in three sizes
* Silicon firmness 4

The Monthly Cup is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative for health conscious young women and mothers. Thanks to the long-lastingness of 5 years, the cup is far ahead of the conventional disposable
products like tampons and pads: Menstrual cups not only save money but also contribute to protecting the environment. Unlike tampons or pads, the medical grade silicon doesn’t affect the natural vaginal flora: No more dry outs or irritations!

The cup comes in three different sizes (from Mini with 15ml to Plus with 34ml capacity), which helps nearly every woman to find her perfect Monthly Cup. Although the cup – as well as the Merula and the Lunette 2 – corresponds to the silicon firmness 4, the ring of the Monthly is firmer than the Merula and still softer than the Lunette. Nevertheless, a good pelvic floor is important for the perfect and comfortabe wearing of the cup. If you assess your pelvic floor to be rather weak, it is better to use the softer Luv Ur Body.

The MonthlyCup has a thick ring at the top to prevent leaks and has a small ball at the base of the cup. This gives a good grip when removing the cup, yet it does not rub or irritate when it is inserted.

MonthlyCup Mini - suitable for young women and girls with only mild bleeding and low to average cervix.
* Diameter: 37mm
* Length (with handle): 55mm
* Capacity: 15ml

MonthlyCup Normal - suitable for women with normal bleeding and a high cervix.
* Diameter: 43mm
* Length (with handle): 65mm
* Capacity: 22ml

MonthlyCup Plus - suitable for women with heavy bleeding, a high cervix and good pelvic floor muscles.
* Diameter: 47mm
* Length (with handle): 65mm
* Capacity: 34ml

Made in Sweden.
Properties "MonthlyCup Menstrual Cup"
Made in: Sweden
Material: Silicone
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