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Margarita McClure, a mother of three, founded Blueberry Diapers. It was her goal to make cloth diapers more glamorous and beautiful, so that even changing a diaper becomes a pleasant and beautiful experience. So from the beginning, she focused on producing the highest quality products with wonderfully cute patterns!

The company is based in Knoxville, Tennessee and all products are made in an in-house factory in Arkansas. As far as possible, fabrics from the USA are used. Special attention is paid to the reliability and safety of each component. All products are guaranteed free of lead, latex, phthalates, BPA and other harmful substances. 
Blueberry Capri 2.0 Cover One Size
Blueberry Pattern: Purple

Newborn Cover & Prefolds Trial Pack

€103.50* €115.00* (10% saved)
Blueberry Wet Bag (M)
Blueberry Pattern: Chill

Blueberry Simplex AIO Side Snap
Size: L (10 - 16 kg) | Blueberry Pattern: Rose

Blueberry Freestyle Swim Nappy 2.0
Size: S (3,5 - 7 kg) | Blueberry Pattern: Seahorse

Blueberry Simplex AIO One Size
Blueberry Pattern: Wally

Blueberry Simplex for Newborns
Blueberry Pattern: Workzone

Blueberry Training Pants
Size: S (10 - 12 kg) | Blueberry Pattern: Old Mac Donald

Blueberry Mattress Pad
Blueberry Pattern: Bear Creek

Blueberry Pocket One Size
Blueberry Pattern: Adventure