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Absorbent pads increase the absorbency of a cloth nappy. Especially at night or when a longer diapering period is necessary, one or two additional boosters will be reliable for the job. You can find them in different materials:
- Bamboo viscose: absorbs moisture quickly, stores well, takes longer to dry, soft material.
- Cotton: absorbs moisture quickly, stores moderately, normal drying time, different strengths depending on the manufacturer.
- Hemp: absorbs moisture slowly, stores extremely well, longer drying time, rather firmer but usually thin material.
- Microfibre/polyester: absorbs moisture quickly, stores rather moderately, very short drying time, very soft material.
A combination of a fast-absorbing material (microfibre, cotton, bamboo) and a material with a high storage capacity (hemp) has proven to be effective. In this case, the fast-absorbent material should be inserted as the top layer in the nappy.
avo+cado organic cotton prefold
Size: XL

Variants from €3.00*
Snappi Nappy Fastener Size 1 - 3 Pcs.
Farbe (Snappi): Pastellgrün

Thirsties Hemp Insert - 2 Pcs
Size: Small (ca. 30 x 11,5 cm)

From €12.60*
Smart Bottoms flat diaper
Size: large

Variants from €10.90*
Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold
Size: Size 1 (3 - 8 kg)

From €11.40*
Little Lamb 3ply bamboo insert - 5 pcs.
Size: One Size

Variants from €15.00*
From €16.00*
Snappi Nappy Fastener Size 2 - 3 Pcs.
Farbe (Snappi): Pastellblau

Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Inserts
Size: Large (ca. 33 x 14 cm)

From €10.30*
TotsBots Bamboo Inserts for PeeNut SIO
TotsBots pattern: Owlbert

From €11.90*
Mother Ease Inserts for Wizard Duo
Size: S (3,5 - 8 kg) | Insert: Cotton

Variants from €12.50*
Myllymuksut Cotton/Bamboo Prefold
Myllymuksut Farben: Gelb gestreift

Thirsties Stay Dry Natural Insert
Size: Small (ca. 30 x 11,5 cm)

From €10.30*
Popolini EasyFree Pouch
Size: L (9 - 15 kg)

Variants from €11.90*
Thirsties Natural Duo Insert
Size: Large (ca. 33 x 14 cm)

From €10.30*
Petit Lulu Prefold
Petit Lulu pattern: Green

Petit Lulu Velours Insert - short
Petit Lulu Farbe: Grün

Popolini Easyfree Wool Pouch
Popolini Farbe: Ecru | Size: M (5 - 10 kg)

Disana Silk Insert - 5 pcs
Size: 45 x 15 cm

Variants from €22.90*
Popolini Organic Muslins (70x70) - 3 Pk
Popolini pattern: Camping Day

Frugi Lovely Muslin - 2pack
Frugi Muster: White Land / Sea Sky

Petit Lulu SIO Short Insert 6 pcs
Auswahl: 6 Stück | Size: Kurz

Variants from €9.90*