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Popolini Easyfree Wool Pouch

* Inner pouch for the Popolini EasyFree system
* Available in 3 sizes
* 100% merino virgin wool (organic)

The Popolini EasyFree pouch is now also available in a completely natural version made of 100% wool.

As the most important component of the Popolini EasyFree All-in-3, the pouch keeps the moisture inside the diaper and ensures that the outer shell remains dry.
It is equipped with an absorbent pad that catches your child's excretions. We recommend the Popolini EasyFree inserts and boostersprefolds from avo+cado, Myllymuksut or muslin diapers.

The material used, made of milled wool interlock, is particularly skin-friendly and breathable. It feels wonderfully soft and not scratchy at all. The material ensures a breathable, temperature-regulating diaper climate on your child’s sensitive skin. The high-quality, soft elastics sit comfortably in the crease of your baby's legs without biting into them. To ensure a perfect fit, you should run your finger along the inside of the elastic to make sure the pouch sits correctly. 

The pouch is cut a little wider at the back than at the front to ensure a neat fit around baby’s bum. Coloured snaps (white and dark gray) indicate which way it has to be buttoned into the outer diaper.

Wool has naturally self-cleaning and antibacterial properties that neutralize unpleasant odours. It has to be washed significantly less often than diapers made from PUL. Unless it is very dirty, it is sufficient to simply air it out.

Although the milled interlock fabric is already very compressed, the pouch should be lanolised before using it for the first time. We recommend washing the wool pouch regularly (approx. every 4 weeks) with a suitable detergent, e.g. from Ulrich Natürlich, and then treating it with lanolin so that it remains impermeable to water and retains its beneficial properties.

The Popolini EasyFree wool pouch is available in sizes S (2.5-5 kg), M (5-10 kg) and L (9-15 kg). It can be buttoned into both the cotton and the wool outer diaper shells.

We recommend a total of 6 diaper shells, including pouches, plus 6 replacement pouches per size.

Popolini is a small Austrian family business that has their own sewing factory in Hungary, where they ensure quality products and fair production conditions. Most of the fabrics come from GOTS certified companies in Germany and Turkey.

100% wool (merino, organic)

Hand wash, do not iron, do not put in the dryer. We recommend washing with wool detergent.

Made in Hungary.
Properties "Popolini Easyfree Wool Pouch"
Made in: Hungary
Museling-free: Yes
Type of Nappy: Pouch
Size (Nappy): Newborn, One Size (from 5 kg)
Certified organic livestock production: Yes
Organic: Yes
Material: Wolle
Waschbar bis: Only hand wash
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