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Popolini Easyfree AI3 woolen nappy

* All-in 3 system with optional elimination communication
* Slim package
* 100% merino wool

The Popolini EasyFree is a three-part diaper system (All-In-3), consisting of an outer diaper shell, inner pouch and insert, and is just as easy to use as any common disposable diaper. With the included belly strap, the EasyFree can be effortlessly pulled down so that you can hold your baby over the potty and let it relax and release. 

The outside of the diaper is made of 100% slightly elastic merino wool in classic dark blue. The soft wool cuffs close snugly around the legs without leaving marks. The outer nappy shell is closed with hook & loop which is located in the back so that your child can't easily pull it open themselves. 

The interior consists of the most important part of the system: the inner pouch.

The pouch is also made of tumbled merino wool. It ensures that the moisture stays inside. It is important that the diaper is fitted correctly: The edge of the pouch should rest against the leg cuffs of your baby. It is easily snapped into the cotton cover. Since nothing usually runs out of the pouch, only the pouch itself has to be put into the laundry if it is heavily soiled. That means you only need to snap in a new one and then you are good to go!

The wool tub must be lanolized with lanolin at regular intervals so that it remains permanently waterproof. We recommend adding the outer diaper shell towards the end of the fat bath. Then it is protected from stains, has extra leakage protection and is cared for.

We recommend a total of 6 nappy shells and 6 replacement pouches per size.

The third component of the EasyFree system is the absorbent pad. The diaper comes with an EasyFree insert made of organic cotton and viscose. If necessary, it can be reinforced with the appropriate boosters as required. Inserts can be snapped into the pouch as well, preventing them from slipping.
Tip: Wash the inserts 1-3 times before first use, so the fibers 'fluff up' and reach their maximum absorbency.

It is recommended to use the EasyFree with the fitting Popolini inserts, but it can also be used with inserts and boosters from other manufacturers. We recommend prefolds from Avo&Cado, Thirsties or Myllymuksut. Thirsties Stay Dry Duo can be used, too. For the small size, muslin squares work as well. It is important that the insert is folded wide enough and that the inner pouch can unfold completely, otherwise there might be a little leakage. 

The included belly strap is a particularly nifty addition. The EasyFree has a strap that can be attached to the outside diaper with hooks. This makes it really easy to hold your child over the potty without having to take the diaper off completely. If there is nothing in the diaper, you just close it again. If it is necessary to exchange the insert, this is done within a few seconds.

The Popolini Easyfree comes in 3 sizes: S (2.5-5 kg) M (5-10 kg) and L (9-15 kg) and has a good, self-regulating fit in in each respective size.

The Popolini EasyFree is also available in a cotton and PUL version.

All Popolini products are made in their own factory in Hungary. They value high quality and fair production conditions.

Outside: 100% wool (organic, merino)
W-free belly band: 96% cotton (organic), 4% elastane
Tub: 100% wool (merino, organic)
Inside: Super absorber (absorbent core): 50% polyester, 50% viscose. Outside: 100% cotton (organic)

Outer diaper and tub: Hand wash, do not iron, do not tumble dry. We recommend using a wool detergent. Impregnate regularly with lanolin.
W-free belly band: Washable at 60 ° C, not suitable for tumble drying
Insert: Washable at 95 ° C, do not use fabric softeners, no optical brighteners, do not use chlorine bleach. Close velcro before washing.

Made in Hungary.
Properties "Popolini Easyfree AI3 woolen nappy"
Made in: Hungary
Type of nappy: All-In-3
Size (Nappy): Newborn, One Size (from 5 kg)
Fastening: Velcro
Certified organic livestock production: Yes
Organic: Yes
Mulesing-free: Yes
Material: Polyester, Viscose, wool
Waschbar bis: Only hand wash
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