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Wet bags instead of plastic bags, cloth sanitary pads instead of disposable ones, stainless steel drinking bottles instead of plastic bottles and so much more! There is always a better, more durable and cheaper solution that can make your life more sustainable. You will not only do something good for  the environment, but also save a lot of money and resources.

Here you will find our favourite products that we have tested ourselves and enjoy using in everyday life. 
Babyland coloured wet bag (M)
Farbe (Babyland): Purple

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avo+cado wet/dry bag (M)
Pattern: Flamingo

avo+cado duo wet/dry bag (XL)
Pattern: Knospen

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Pop-in nursing pads plus bag
Pop-in Muster: Pastell

avo+cado wet/dry bag (S)
Pattern: Wildpflanzen

Babyland printed wet bag (M)
Pattern: Blumenwiese

From €7.00*
Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottle - Baby/Toddler 300ml
Pura Colour: Rose | Pura Top: Soft Sippy Cap

Disana Waterproof Bedcover (Size: 70x90cm)
Size: 70 x 90 cm

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Pop-in wet/dry bag (M)
Pattern: Ferret

Imse Panty Liners & Cloth Pads (Active) - 3 Pcs.
Size: Normalbinde (M) | ImseVimse pattern: Black

Variants from €19.90*
Pop-in Bib - Stage 2
Pattern: Orangutan