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Goldi Dummy / Pacifier (Nature Form Oval)

* Made from natural rubber
* BPA-free 

Also available in Nature Form, Nature Form Symmetrical and Sloping Form.

XS: from birth onwards. No grip ring
S: 0-6 months
L: 6 months +

The Goldi dummy / pacifier is made completely from natural rubber and is totally soft, flexible and free of harmful substances. Goldi products are in accordance with the high quality requirements and safety regulations contained in the EU standard EN 1400.

The plate is made entirely of natural rubber and is soft and flat. In this way, the lip and mouth muscles are provided with the necessary freedom for active and intensive muscle activity. This has a positive effect on the development of the mouth and facial musculature. 

The three large vent holes in the plate prevent the plate adhering to the baby and help to avoid skin reddening due to saliva. This in turn prevents rashes forming around the mouth area. 

Similar to the Nature form Oval XS, the nipple of the Symmetrical S-L is not filled with air and is therefore recommended for babies who already use the Nature form Oval XS and are satisfied with it.

Before first use and for babys under six months old: Sterilise for two minutes in boiling water
Later: Rinse under warm-hot flowing water

Material: 100% Natural Rubber
Made in Italy
Properties "Goldi Dummy / Pacifier (Nature Form Oval)"
Made in: Italy
Material: Natural Rubber
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