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EZPZ Tiny Cup

* From 4+ months
* Drink independently
* Holds approx. 60 ml

Independent drinking from an open cup is particularly important for children and is often regarded as one of the many milestones in the early development of the child. When drinking from an open glass or cup, muscles in the jaw, mouth and tongue are addressed and trained, which are indispensable for speaking later.

The EZPZ Tiny Cup can already be used before the first birthday after the bottle and thus the transition with a drinking cup can be avoided. This activates the muscles addressed at an early stage and teaches how to drink independently.

The EZPZ Tiny Cup was developed so that this step can be made easier for the child and can take place without much spilling or leaking. The cup is exactly adapted to the needs of small children: For example, the cup is made of a non-slip yet soft silicone. In addition, the bottom is lightly weighted, which prevents it from tipping over and ensures stability on the table and in the hand.

In addition, the inner walls of the cup are slightly slented, so that the cup can be completely drunk even with a lower tilt (below 90°).  

The silicone cup not only protects the child's teeth, but also has an antibacterial effect, which is also supported by the fact that the cup is made from a single mould. This means that there are no grooves, joints or holes in which bacteria or fungi can accumulate.

At the same time the silicone is heat resistant up to 170°C. This allows the cup to hold warm or hot beverages without any problems.

Like all EZPZ articles, the Tiny Cup is dishwasher-safe, abrasion-resistant and tasteless.

Material: Silicone. Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates.

Made in the USA.

Properties "EZPZ Tiny Cup "
Made in: China
Microwave safe: Yes
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Material: Silicone
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