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You want to use cloth nappies right from the start? One size nappies just look too big on your baby? Then newborn nappies are the solution. 
Almost all cloth nappy brands offer models for our very little ones. In our shop, products for newborns are usually marked "size 1". Normally, they fit newborns from 2 - 5.5 kg. However, it's best to check the weight information on each nappy.

Read more about all cloth nappy systems here!

Newborn Cover & Prefolds Trial Pack

€113.57* €126.19* (10% saved)
Pop-in Diaper Cover Newborn
Pattern: Round the Garden

Variants from €13.90*
Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover (Snap)
Size: Größe 2 (8 - 18 kg) | Thirsties pattern: Nightlife

Totsbots Bamboozle Nappy Cover 2.0
Size: Neugeborene (2 - 7 kg) | TotsBots pattern: White

Petit Lulu Newborn Fitted Nappy Fluffy Organic
Petit Lulu pattern: Bears on the Moon

Smart Bottoms Born Smart 2.0 AIO for Newborns
Pattern: Superbolt

Variants from €21.10*
TotsBots Bamboozle 2.0 Newborn pad
TotsBots pattern: Lucky Duck

Variants from €4.50*
Petit Lulu Pull Up Cover (Size: M / Pattern: King of the Jungle)
Size: M (6 - 10 kg) | Petit Lulu pattern: King of the Jungle

Variants from €14.90*
Petit Lulu Newborn Fitted Nappy
Petit Lulu pattern: Autumn Hedgies

Petit Lulu Newborn Cover (Hook & Loop)
Petit Lulu pattern: Melons

Rumparooz Diaper Cover (Snap) Newborn
Rumparooz pattern: Lil Monster Reboot

Variants from €13.50*
Blueberry Simplex for Newborns
Blueberry Pattern: Oictopus

Mother Ease Air Flow Cover
Size: M (5 - 9 kg) | Mother Ease pattern: Dino

Variants from €15.90*
Mother Ease Wizard Duo Cover
Size: One Size (4,5 - 16 kg) | Mother Ease pattern: Dino

Variants from €17.90*
Lenya Wolwikkel Wool Cover (Hook & Loop)
Size: 98/104

Variants from €27.90*
Rumparooz Diaper Cover (Hook & Loop) Size 1 (Pattern: Orchid (violet))
Rumparooz pattern: Orchid

Variants from €13.50*
Rumparooz Lil Joey Newborn AIO - 2 Pack
Rumparooz pattern: Poppy

Variants from €29.90*
Mother-ease Wizard Uno Newborn AIO
Mother Ease pattern: Ocean Life

Magabi Knitted Newborn Wool Cover
Magabi Colour: Dark Brown