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Mother Ease Wizard Duo Cover

Snap-In-One (SIO) system
* Multiple sizes for an optimal fit
* works only with Wizard Duo Inserts

The Wizard Duo by Mother Ease is a two-part diaper system, which consists of a nappy cover and matching inserts that are buttoned into the outer nappy shell. In a few seconds you can assemble a reliable diaper that is easy to use, with an insert that won’t slip.
If the insert has just gotten wet, you can simply take it out, briefly wipe the inside of the cover and snap in new insert. That means less laundry and is also cost-effective.

This system is suitable for parents who want the flexibility of a two-piece system without sacrificing the convenience of a one-piece diaper.

Two rows of snaps let you adapt the cover to your child. A third snap on the wing also ensures that the front part of the diaper around the leg cannot slip out. That means the cover is particularly suitable for agile children.

The bindings are made of a very thin, soft material and are responsible for the leakproofness of this diaper. They form a closure around the entire diaper and have elastic bands on the stomach, back and leg cuffs.

The highly absorbent inserts (available separately) are anatomically shaped and specially adapted to the shape of the Wizard Duo cover. They also have elastic bands sewn in and, together with the cover, offer double leakage protection. They are buttoned into the outer shell with two snaps in the back and one in the front.

The Wizard Duo is not suitable for use with prefolds or other inserts, as the snaps on the Mother Ease inserts are exposed and would therefore leave marks on the child. Other SIO inserts do not fit into this cover either, as they are not compatible with the snaps.

The Wizard Duo is available in many sizes. They all fit particularly well in their respective size group, especially since there never is any excess fabric, neither from the cover nor the insert, that needs to be tucked away.

We strongly recommend that you also select the inserts in the respective size of the cover. Although larger inserts can be buttoned into smaller covers (e.g. an insert size S into the size XS cover), experience has shown that it makes the package rather bulky and misshapen and you have to make sure that no fabric peeps out of the cuff .

Only the OneSize cover grows with your child for a long time and can be used in its various settings with inserts of different sizes.

Newborns: 2.5 - 5.5 kg
Small: 3.5 - 8 kg
One size: 4.5 - 16 kg
XL: 16 - 20 kg

100% polyester (coated with polyurethane)

Washable at 60 ° C
Extreme heat can damage PUL! Avoid drying the overpants on the heater or hanging out in the blazing sun for long periods of time. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
You should make sure that the bindings cannot get caught in velcro fasteners or the like. We therefore recommend washing the cover separately or in a mesh bag.

Made in Canada
Properties "Mother Ease Wizard Duo Cover"
Made in: Canada
Type of Nappy: Snap-in-One
Size (Nappy): One Size (from 5 kg)
Fastening: Snaps
Material: Polyester
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
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