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avo+cado cleansing pads next to toilet bag
Conventional cotton pads and wipes generate a lot of waste, especially if 2-4 are used every day for make-up removal. Wet wipes contain preservatives and other chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin.
Cloth cleansing pads and cloth face wipes, on the other hand, are made from 100% organic cotton, which means they are free from all harmful substances and therefore friendly to the skin and the environment. 

Imse Cleansing Pads – 10 Pcs
ImseVimse pattern: Pastel Hoop

Imse Cleansing Pads - 10 pcs + mesh bag
ImseVimse pattern: Pink Edges

Imse Washable Face Wipes - 3 Pcs
ImseVimse pattern: Pink Hoop