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Wool covers/overpants provide an optimal nappy climate, as they are particularly breathable and temperature-regulating. Wool feels warm in winter and cool in summer. It is antibacterial and neutralizes odors such as sweat and urine naturally due to the special structure of the wool fiber. Therefore, it does not need to be washed as often as PUL covers. Most of the time it is enough to just air your wool overpants. Only when they start to smell or have contacted with poo, it is time to wash and re-grease them.

Treating wool overpants with pure lanolin (adeps lanae anhydricus), or "grease," will make them leak-proof.

You can learn more about natural diapering with wool here!
avo+cado wool wax
Content: 100g container

Disana knitted wool cover
Size: 86 / 92 | Disana colour: Pacific

Variants from €16.50*
Popolini WoolWrap Cover
Size: M (5 - 10 kg)

Variants from €30.90*
Magabi Knitted Side Snap Woolen Cover
Magabi Colour: Salmon Pink

Magabi One Size Wooven Wool Cover
Magabi Colour: Berlin

Lenya Wolwikkel Wool Cover (Hook & Loop)
Size: 98/104

Variants from €27.90*
Lenya Knitted Wool Cover
Size: 98/104

Variants from €15.30*
Allerlei Windeln Wool Cover
Size: Size 2 (8 - 15 kg) | Allerlei Windeln Pattern: Navy Illusion

Magabi Knitted Newborn Wool Cover
Magabi Colour: Mandarine

Petit Lulu Wool Cover
Size: L (12 - 16 kg) | Petit Lulu pattern: Hedgies (pink)

Variants from €24.90*
Magabi Knitted One Size Woolen Cover
Magabi Colour: Grey Stripes

Variants from €33.00*
Magabi Newborn Woven Wool Cover
Magabi Colour: London

ManyMonths Wool Shorties
ManyMonths Farbe: Lavender Crystal | ManyMonths Größe: Adventurer Plus (86 - 98)

Variants from €27.90*
Popolini Easyfree AI3 woolen nappy
Size: S (2,5 - 5 kg) | Popolini pattern: Anthrazit Melange