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Pocket nappies offer you the possibility to adjust the absorbency to your child individually and to use the inserts you prefer. The diapers are equipped with one or two openings into which the inserts are inserted. A big advantage of pockets is that the inserts can't slip inside the nappy, so everything always stays in place. Another plus is the great flexibility of this system. Almost any insert can be used and you can put as many inserts inside the nappy as you want (or fit). Also, different sizes can be combined well. This way you can create very absorbent cloth nappies that don't need to be changed as often. Pockets are very uncomplicated to use and are well suited for cloth nappy newbies, such as daycare staff or babysitters.

Here you can find out in detail how pocket nappies work.  
Elemental Joy One Size Pocket (w/o inserts)
BumGenius Pattern: White

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previously €14.90*
BumGenius Original 5.0 One Size Pocket
BumGenius Pattern: Audrey

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previously €28.90*
Rumparooz OBV Natural Pocket One Size
Rumparooz pattern: Clover

Variants from €30.50*
Doodush Help for Ukraine - Coolmax Pocket without insert
Doodush Größe: Size 2 (5 - 13 kg) | Doodush pattern: Peace Meadow

Rumparooz Pocket One Size
Rumparooz pattern: Mixtape

Variants from €22.90*
Thirsties Natural One Size Pocket (Snap)
Thirsties pattern: Floribunda

Doodush Coolmax Pocket without Insert
Size: Size 2 (5 - 13 kg) | Doodush pattern: Orange Forrest

Blueberry Pocket One Size
Blueberry Pattern: Adventure

Doodush Microfleece Pocket (Size: 3 / Print: Mountain Lover)
Doodush Größe: Size 3 (9 - 18 kg) | Doodush pattern: Mountain Lover

Blueberry One Size Pocket without inserts
Blueberry Pattern: Fireflies

Petit Lulu Pocket (Snaps)
Petit Lulu pattern: Lagoon

Petit Lulu One Size Pocket (Hook & Loop)
Petit Lulu pattern: School Jungle