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Blueberry Pocket One Size

* 4.5-16kg
* Two organic cotton inserts
* Great for heavy wetters

The Blueberry Pocket is a very absorbent cloth diaper with inserts made from organic cotton. Pockets are favourites for parents who prefer that the whole diaper is changed each time, which makes the handling very similar to a disposable diaper and therefore easy for any new caregiver. There is no need to swap inserts in and out, which can be confusing for some people. 

For this reason, pockets are also a great choice for the kindergarten, nannys and babysitters, as the diaper is prepared ahead of time and made complete so that the diaper change is as simple as taking off the wet diaper and putting on a new one.

The Bluberry pockets have bright designs on the outside and a soft layer of microfleece on the inside next to baby's skin, helping to keep the bottom dry. The absorbent inserts are then folded and stuffed inside the pocket opening. The Blueberry inserts are two different sizes to enable the perfect combination of absorbency. The smaller insert measures 60cm x 11cm, the larger measures 70cm x 12cm. For smaller babies use the small insert, as they grow you can switch to the larger insert and if you have an active toddler that drinks a lot, you can use both inserts together.

Pockets are very versatile as you can add as much absorbency as you wish and there is no risk of inserts falling out. You can also use boosters from bamboo or hemp if you wish, which makes this diaper perfect for long trips in the car or when you won't have a chance to change so often.

For full-time use we recommend 16-20 pockets for days plus 4-6 fitted diapers and three covers for nights.

Wash up to 60 degrees. Inserts and pocket cover can be tumble dried warm, however as the pocket dries extremely quickly, we recommend line drying the pocket.
High heat can damage the PUL (polyurethane) ! Avoid drying the pockets on the heater or exposing them over longer periods to the blazing sun. 

Outer: 100% Polyester
Inner: 100% Polyester
Inserts: 100% Cotton (organic)

Made in the USA
Properties "Blueberry Pocket One Size"
Made in: USA
Type of nappy: Pocket
Size (Nappy): One Size (from 5 kg)
Fastening: Snaps
Bio: Yes
Material: Baumwolle, Polyester
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
Can be tumble dried: Yes (on low heat)
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