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Food at home or on the go, for picnics or office lunches etc. should always be kept safe, hygienic and free of harmful substances.
Our products for feeding and eating are made of high-quality  and BPA-free materials such as silicone, stainless steel, glass, beewachs etc., which are 100% safe to store your food. 
Pop-in Bib - Stage 2
Pattern: Orangutan

Re-Sack Fruit & Veggie Bag

From €2.90*
previously €3.63*
Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottle - Baby/Toddler 325ml
Pura Colour: Aqua Swirl | Pura Top: Straw Cap

Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle - Baby/Toddler 260ml
Pura Colour: Rose | Pura Top: Soft Sippy Cap

EZPZ Tiny Cup
EZPZ Farbe: Blush

Squeasy Sport 440ml
Squeasy Farbe: Grau

EZPZ First Food Set
EZPZ Farbe: Coral

EZPZ Tiny Spoon - 2 pcs.
EZPZ Farbe: Sienna

Lifefactory silicone caps for glass baby bottles - 2 pcs
Lifefactory Größe: Größe 1 (0 - 3 Monate)

Made Sustained Trio Lunchbox (L)

€30.90* €39.90* (22.56% saved)
previously €39.90*
EZPZ Sesame Street
EZPZ Farbe: Elmo

Pura Silicone Sleeve for 150 to 325 ml bottles
Pura Größe: 260/325ml | Pura Colour: Green

Variants from €5.90*
Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle - 250ml
Lifefactory Farben: Grape

Planet Wise Window Bag (Pattern: Chevron grey)
Planet Wise Muster: Chevron Grau (Performance)

Made Sustained Leakproof Lunchbox (L)

€30.90* €39.90* (22.56% saved)
previously €39.90*
Planet Wise Zipper Snack Bag
Planet Wise Muster: Chevron Grau (Performance)

Lifefactory Silicone Nipple for Baby Wide Neck Bottles
Lifefactory Größe: Größe 3 (6 - 9 Monate)

EZPZ Mini Mat
EZPZ Farbe: Dunkelgrau

Planet Wise transparent Bags
Size: Sandwich (18x19cm)

EZPZ Mini Bowl
EZPZ Farbe: Pewter

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle - 120ml
Lifefactory Farben: Cantaloupe

EZPZ Happy Mat
EZPZ Farbe: Dunkelgrau

Pura Gift Set - large (325ml)
Pura Colour: Rosa / Aqua

Lifefactory Stainless Steel Wide Neck Baby Bottle - 235 ml
Lifefactory Aufsatz: Hard Sippy Cap | Lifefactory Farben: Cool Grey

Variants from €26.90*
Pura Universal Lid
Pura Colour: Slate

Pura Gift Set - small (150 ml)
Pura Colour: Grau / Aqua

EZPZ Tiny Bowl
EZPZ Farbe: Coral

EZPZ Mini Play Mat
EZPZ Farbe: Schwarz

EZPZ Happy Bowl
EZPZ Farbe: Lime