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Wetbags are a must for all cloth diapering parents! But even when the kids get older, they are still useful and multi-functional.
These cute bags are made of waterproof fabric. No moisture can leak out and the zip securely locks in odours. When you're changing your baby on the go, put the used clothy in the wet bag, zip it up and you're done! Wetbags can also be used for many other purposes. For example, as a laundry bag, as a sports bag, for wet swimming things, for transporting wet cloth wipes, for transporting toys...
The waterproof bags are available in different sizes and designs and there is a suitable bag for every budget:
XS: For cloth wipes (Planet Wise XS quality wet flannel bag only) swimming accessories, panty liners and cosmetics.
S: For 1-2 cloth nappies or a few liners/prefolds.
M: The most commonly purchased size; holds 4-6 cloth nappies, perfect for diapering on-the-go.
L: Perfect for storing dirty wet nappies at home, as an alternative to nappy buckets and also very good for a weekend away with the children or for storing wet swimming costumes and towels.
avo+cado wet/dry bag (M)
Pattern: Flamingo

avo+cado wet bag (M)
Pattern: Avocado Heroes

Variants from €7.00*
Pop-in wet/dry bag (M)
Pattern: Ferret

Smart Bottoms Hanging Wet Bag (L)
Pattern: Under Construction

Babyland coloured wet bag (M)
Farbe (Babyland): Purple

From €6.00*
Babyland printed wet bag (M)
Pattern: Fruit Punch

From €6.00*
Smart Bottoms On the Go Wet Bag (M)
Pattern: Periodically

Variants from €15.90*
Smart Bottoms Diaper Clutch (S)
Pattern: Periodically

Variants from €10.90*
Pop-in wet bag (M)
Pattern: Parrot

Smart Bottoms mini wet bag (xs)
Pattern: Aqua Floral

Variants from €9.20*
Pop-in Stuff Sack
Pattern: Toucan

Blueberry Wet Bag (M)
Blueberry Pattern: Chill

Planet Wise Wet Bag (S)
Planet Wise Muster: Of Quartz

TotsBots Wet/Dry Bag (M)
TotsBots pattern: Rainbow clouds

Petit Lulu Wet Bag (XS)
Petit Lulu pattern: Melons

Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag (XL)
Planet Wise Muster: Fancy Pants

Planet Wise Wetbag (M)
Planet Wise Muster: Of Quartz

Thirsties Wet/Dry Bag (M)
Thirsties pattern: Floribunda

TotsBots Wet Bag (M)
TotsBots pattern: Pop

Foxy Baby Wet Bag (M)
Foxy Baby Farbe: Orange

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag (M)
Planet Wise Muster: Oasis (Performance)

Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag (XS)
Planet Wise Muster: Caribou Bloom

Planet Wise Diaper Clutch (S)
Planet Wise Muster: Fancy Pants

Planet Wise Nasstasche (L)
Planet Wise Muster: Aim Twill

TotsBots Mini Wet Bag (XS)
TotsBots pattern: Hop Little Bunny