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TotsBots Wet/Dry Bag (M)

* Two bags in one
* Keeps odours in
* Fits 4-6 AIO nappies

Size M: 30x40 cm

The handy TotsBots Wet Bag with two compartments can easily be used for your afternoon in the city, a day trip or simply for daily use at kindergarden. It can be used to carry a spare set of clothes, used nappies, swim clothing or even toys or a camera. The two wet bags are connected with snaps, meaning both wet and dry items can be carried together. The smaller wet bag can easily be snapped off to be used separately, if necessary. 

The bigger wet bag is 30x40 cm and fits 4-6 All-In-Ones, while a snap on the handle makes it easy to attach the bag to a stroller or carry it around with you. 

The smaller wet bag measures 30x32 cm and fits 4-5 All-In-Ones. It can be used separately or together with the bigger one.

100% polyester (Polyurethan laminated)

Wash up to 40°C. Do not tumble dry. 
Properties "TotsBots Wet/Dry Bag (M)"
Size (wet bag): M
Holding capacity: 4 Nappies
Wet/dry bag: Yes
Material: Polyester
Waschbar bis: 40 Grad
Hangable: Yes
Handle: Yes
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