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TotsBots Lockable Nappy Bucket

* 16 liter bucket
* 30 cm high, 35 cm diameter
* Four locks on the lid

Dirty nappies can be placed inside the TotsBots nappy bucket and stored until washing day. The 16 liter bucket holds around 12-15 cloth nappies and has a lockable lid to hold in smells and keep curious toddler fingers at bay!

The sturdy handle and handgrip enable easy transportation to the washing machine.

We recommend using this nappy bucket together with two mesh laundry bags from TotsBots or avo+cado, so a fresh one can be placed inside the bucket when the other one is being washed.

The mesh laundry bags fit inside the bucket and are stretched over the rim. The dirty cloth nappies are placed inside. When it comes time to wash, you can lift out the bag with all the used nappies inside and place the entire bag in the machine, without having to handle each dirty nappy.
Properties "TotsBots Lockable Nappy Bucket"
Diameter: ca. 35 cm (at the lid)
Hight: ca. 30 cm
Holding capacity: 16 litres
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