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When it comes to absorbency, fitted nappies are unbeatable! Especially for nights, naps or long trips, fitted nappies are simply optimal. 

Fitted nappies are made of 100% absorbent material, so they can stay tight for up to 12 hours. Nevertheless, they do not have a waterproof outer layer, so they should be worn with waterproof overpants, e.g. PUL covers, wool covers or pull-up covers. 

 Here you can learn in detail how fitted nappies work.
Little Lamb fitted nappy (bamboo)
Size: Size 2 (9 - 17 kg)

Little Lamb fitted nappy (cotton)
Size: Size 1 (3 - 9 kg)

Petit Lulu Newborn Fitted Nappy Fluffy Organic
Petit Lulu pattern: Frisky Koalas

Totsbots Bamboozle 2.0 Night Nappy
Size: Neugeborene (2 - 7kg) | TotsBots pattern: Bumble

Petit Lulu Fitted Nappy One Size (Snaps)
Petit Lulu pattern: Cupcakes

Vimse Höschenwindel - 4 Stk.
ImseVimse Farbe: Ungebleicht | Size: One Size (ab 5 kg)

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Petit Lulu Newborn Fitted Nappy
Petit Lulu pattern: Paris

Petit Lulu Fitted Nappy XL (Snaps)
Petit Lulu pattern: Paris