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Rumparooz was founded in 2006 when Julie and Chad Ekstrom's second daughter was born. She had highly sensitive skin and could not wear disposable nappies without developing a severe rash. After Julie couldn't find cloth nappies that fit her child, she began sewing her own cloth diapers for her daughter and shortly after for her friends. Today, the family business, Kanga Care, sells their nappies worldwide and Julie's design of the "dual inner gusset" has been patented in the United States.

The American company is located in Golden, Colorado. The products are manufactured in China. The factory is run by a Danish parent and is Swiss-Certified for ethical and fair working conditions. The factory where Rumparooz diapers are made is solar powered and only sustainable and environmentally friendly products are produced there.
Rumparooz Diaper Cover (Hook & Loop) One Size
Rumparooz pattern: Clyde

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Rumparooz Diaper Cover (Snap) One Size
Rumparooz pattern: Orchid

Variants from €15.90*
Rumparooz Diaper Cover (Snap) Newborn
Rumparooz pattern: Lil Monster Reboot

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Rumparooz Diaper Cover (Hook & Loop) Size 1 (Pattern: Aquarius (turqouise))
Rumparooz pattern: Aquarius

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Rumparooz OBV Natural Pocket One Size
Rumparooz pattern: Boysenberry

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Rumparooz Lil Learnerz Trainers - 2 Pack
Size: L (16 - 20 kg) | Rumparooz pattern: I Love RAR & Caribbean

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Rumparooz Pocket One Size
Rumparooz pattern: Mixtape

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Rumparooz Changing Pad
Rumparooz pattern: Roozy

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Rumparooz Lil Joey Newborn AIO - 2 Pack
Rumparooz pattern: Poppy

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Rumparooz Doll Diapers - 2 pcs.
Rumparooz pattern: Weehoo Scarlet