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Rumparooz Lil Learnerz Trainers - 2 Pack

* Quick drying
* Fair Wear certified
* Outer PUL layer

Our sizing recommendations:
XS: 8-11kg / 1,5-2 years - with side snaps
S: 10-14kg /  2-2,5 years - with side snaps
M: 13-17kg / 2,5-3 years
L: 16-20kg /  3-4 years
XL: 18-23kg / 4-6 years +

The Lil Learnerz Trainers come in the bright and fun Rumparooz prints and are designed to make potty training fun, with less stress for Mum and Dad. These trainers have an outer layer of PUL, a stay dry layer of microfleece next to the skin, with an absorbent layer in between.

The Lil Learnerz are suitable for toddlers in the early stages of potty training, as well as for older kids who don't want to wear a nappy to bed but may have a small accident now and then. 

Trainer are NOT a replacement for nappies. They do not have enough suction power to keep your baby dry reliably.

In the smaller sizes XS and S, the trainers feature a row of side snaps for easier undressing.

If you prefer a trainer without a PUL outer, we recommend the Blueberry and Pop-In Cool Pass Trainers.

All Rumparooz products are produced responsibly in China by a Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) certified company.

100% Polyester (with TPU)

Wash up to 60 degrees. Can be tumble dried on low. No fabric softener.

Made in China.
Properties "Rumparooz Lil Learnerz Trainers - 2 Pack"
Made in: China
Type of nappy: Trainer
Material: Polyester
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
Can be tumble dried: Yes (on low heat)
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