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For anyone who like using pads, washable cloth pads are a good alternative option. They are made from organic cotton, bamboo or Stay Dry fabric and usually have a layer of waterproof material so that nothing can seep through.
Panty liners are available in a range of sizes to suit a woman's needs, whether it's for daily use, period bleeding, postpartum bleeding, light bladder weakness or as extra protection when using a menstrual cup. Reusable panty liners tend to absorb more fluid than their disposable counterparts and they avoid a lot of waste. Learn more about panty liners here.
avo+cado Organic Cotton Cloth Pad - 3 Pcs.
Size: S

Variants from €15.90*
Petit Lulu Panty Liner CLASSIC – 3 pcs
Size: L (Nachtbinde) | Petit Lulu pattern: Cat Meadow

Variants from €21.90*
Petit Lulu Cloth Pads SLIM - 3-Pack
Size: Normalbinde (M) | Petit Lulu pattern: Australian Animals

Variants from €19.90*
Pink Daisy Cloth Pads (Stay Dry)
Size: Nachtbinde (L) | Blueberry Pattern: Spring Flowers

Variants from €12.90*
Pink Daisy Cloth Pads (Organic Cotton)
Size: Nachtbinde (L) | Blueberry Pattern: Amour

Variants from €12.90*