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Sanitary pads and panty liners made of cloth are the environmentally friendly, skin-friendly and inexpensive alternative to disposable products. Like cloth diapers, cloth sanitary pads can save you a lot of resources and avoid huge piles of garbage. And they also look pretty, save money and are gentle on your skin.  

What are cloth pads?

You can decide for yourself which material you let on your skin and have the choice between organic cotton, bamboo terrycloth and microfibre. Cloth pads have wings with snap fasteners that hold the pads securely in place. The snap fasteners do not press on your skin, don't worry!
An absorbent inlay inside the pad ensures that liquid is reliably absorbed.
Most panty liners and sanitary pads have a breathable PUL layer that prevents leakage towards the panties.

Cloth panty liners and cloth pads are always in stock at home, so you can avoid surprises. The breathable materials help to create a pleasant body climate. This prevents sweating and skin irritation. Cloth panty liners and pads are free of toxins. Using reusable monthly hygiene products means saving money, protecting the environment and reducing the consumption of resources.

Why are cloth pads not only better for the environment, but also for your body?

Which cloth pads do I need?

As with disposable pads, cloth pads are available in different sizes and absorbencies.
For one period : 
between 6-12 pads in size S or M and 1-3 in L, depending on how heavy your bleeding is and how long your period usually lasts. 

Change as needed,  
approximately every 2-6 hours.

Can be worn overnight
WHow do I store my cloth pads? On the way: simply fold up the used pads and put them in a small wet bag. The pads can be folded towards the middle at the front and back and closed over it with the wings to create a neat little package. Please unfold again before washing. 

At home: rinse the used pads briefly with cold water and store them in a small bucket or a wet bag until the day of washing.

How do I wash my cloth pads? Wash well before first use!

To avoid stains, wash the cloth pads briefly with cold water after use.

Store used pads in a wet bag until you wash them.

Washable at 40° - 60°C (Please always observe the respective 
washing recommendation of the manufacturer).

Do not use fabric softener, as it reduces the absorbency of 
cotton limited!

If stains should remain after washing, put the pads under the sunlight or use Ulrich Flecklöser or ASMi stain soap.

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