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How do cloth nappies work?


There are many good reasons for the cloth nappy

We love cloth nappies, on our info pages you will discover why! We explain to you what modern cloth nappies are, how they work and how to use them. Take some time to inform yourself. Cloth nappies aren't complicated, but like anything new, it takes a moment to understand the basics. Have fun with it!

The health

Modern cloth nappies are breathable, promoting a much better skin environment than regular disposable nappies. Stoffys are made from naturally soft materials and contain no unnecessary chemicals. Materials such as cotton, hemp or bamboo viscose inside the diaper offer plenty of absorbency and reliably absorb moisture. The results speak for themselves: many mothers report that their babies with Stoffys practically never suffer from a sore bottom.

The environment

No one can deny that disposable nappies are a huge burden on the environment. A single baby, by the time it is dry, requires around 4,500 nappies. The natural raw materials needed to produce these nappies add up to many tons of raw material. This results in about 1,000 kilograms of non-recyclable waste that takes several hundred years to biodegrade.

The wallet

Nappies are an enormous cost factor. In the first two and a half years of a baby's life, German parents spend an average of between 600 and 1,500 euros on them. A complete set of cloth nappies costs only 350 to 600 euros. And these nappies grow with your child - once purchased, they accompany your child until it can go to the toilet on its own. Learn more here!.

Learn more

Want to know more? Check out our 7 good reasons for cloth nappies! Learn how modern cloth nappies are constructed and how to use them. See how the different models differ and which is the right diaper for you. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Whether by mail or on the phone, we are there for you!


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Great service!

Have been ordering from Stoffywelt for years. This time a defected nappy was delivered. That can happen and the very next day a new nappy and a prepaid return envelope were there. What a super customer service!

By Sarah241 on 16.01.2023 (5/5)

Everything top!!!

I ordered with advance payment, which always requires a lot of trust. I was not disappointed at all and the goods were shipped immediately after receipt of payment. I am 100% satisfied, thank you very much!

By Sabine on 11.12.2022 (5/5)

Smooth process

I ordered pure lanolin (wasn't even available at the pharmacy and they showed me your shop) and it was a uncomplicated process. Website was easy to navigate, products clearly labelled, products in good condition and fast shipping.

By Amz on 14.12.2022 (5/5)


I forgot to add a wetbag to my order. So I had to order it separately. I was annoyed, especially because of the extra package. After a few days, the package arrived and the wetbag was included with the rest of the first order! I think it's great that they take noticed of the details.

By Diana on 09.01.2023 (5/5)

Perfect it is!

Simply the best customer service there is! Always very friendly on the phone, emails are answered very quickly and helpfully, and actually everything we have bought for our child here so far (mainly cloth nappies and accessories) has had super quality. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

By Susanne on 06.12.2022 (5/5)

Everything worked out beautifully!

I live in Liechtenstein and yet the parcel arrived within a few days. Since a discount code didn't work for me, I called customer service, which was immediately available and helped me a lot. So great service, fast delivery and great products - I'm satisfied. :-)

By LaHa on 17.11.2022 (5/5)