alternative monthly hygiene

Four good reasons


Durable products conserve resources.


Reusability over years saves you money.


Does not dry out the skin. No skin irritation. No unpleasant odours.


With materials that were developed for medical technology.


What are the possibilities?

How about thinking of your womanhood with joy and accepting your menstruation with well-being? This is no longer jusr a dream!

Panty liners * * Wellbeing for every day 
   or as backup for
   Menstrual Cups     
* Rather short and narrow cut,
  also as tanga variant, suitable for
* Made from cotton, bamboo viscose 
   or High-tech material 
* No more sweating and 
   Skin irritations
* cloth pads Made of absorbent material (cotton, bamboo viscose or high-tech material with different sizes)

* Extra absorbent with PUL-layer,
 which prevents leakage

* Also for light incontinence 
usable or in 
Menstrual Cups * * Made of medical silicone or 
  TPE- reusable counterpart to
* Catch the period blood instead of 
   sucking it up
* Lasts up to 12 hours or more
   Night tight
* Suitable for sports, pleasant &
* Easy to clean
* Buy new every 5-10 years
washable tampons * 100% Cotton (organic)     
* Small and practical
* 3 different sizes

How to care for washable panty liners and cloth pads:

The care is very easy. After use, rinse the used cloth pads under cold water and store them in a wet bag until the next washing day. Wash them at 60 degrees and hang them on the line to dry. If dark stains remain from menstrual blood, you can wash them out with gall soap or Asmi stain soap.

Care of menstrual cups:

Before or after each period, the cup should be sterilized by boiling it out. Afterwards it can be stored until the next use. A well-cared menstrual cup can be used for five to ten years. Please wash your hands before each use of the menstrual cup. Clean water is usually sufficient for daily cleaning. Simply rinse the menstrual cup after emptying. Afterwards it can be used again immediately. For precarious or awkward situations, there are also disinfecting cleaning cloths available.



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Finally monthly hygiene is no more an annoying problem for me! The menstrual cup and panty liners have accompanied  
me for several years and I can't ask for a better solution. What I like most about them, is the pleasant 
wearing comfort: no more sweating, no more skin irritation,  practical on the way and no unnecessary changing. Simple and ingenious!
2 / 6
 I have been using menstrual cups for several years 
and I am really enthusiastic! It is very pleasant
 to wear and even during sports you will not notice wearing it! Especially while swimming you dont have to worry about whether the annoying ribbon of tampon can be seen
3 / 6
At first I wasn't sure if the menstrual cup is suitable for me. My body is small and also very sensitive. Because of plaster allergy I often have skin irritations with 
disposable pads. Therefore I have always been looking for a better solution. I have chosen the Lunette size 1, it holds really good also at night and is very comfortable to wear! At work I no longer have to change every 4 hours as before with pads. A cup can hold upto 10 hours, which is sufficient for me. I does not have to be afraid of unpleasant odors. The changing took me a long time in the beginning, but after my third use it was much easier
4 / 6
I have been using menstrual cups for about 1 year  and I am very happy with it. At the beginning it was difficult to find the right cup for me, but it turned out worthwhile. Actually only 1 cup is enough for the whole period to use but I also have a larger cup that I like to use at the beginning of the period. When you have found the right cup for you, you will feel very comfortable and secure with it :)
5 / 6
I have been using the lunette for 3 months and I have to say, that I am impressed. It is my first menstrual cup. At the beginning I had a little bit of trouble to get it right but   at the end I got it! Since then it has worked 
perfectly! I have never used 
tampons before so I only had 
experience with pads. In 
comparison, I feel much cleaner and more comfortable with cup than with pads. There is also no strongly perfumed smell as with the pads which is also a great advantage. The cup works well even for bicycling. (I have to ride bike to work, for 20 minutes - twice a day).
6 / 6
I got along with the Merula right from the start. In the last 2 years I have used it for different sports like dancing, jogging, swimming and also in the sauna.Formerly I had to change 
tampons every 4 hours. With the Merula I only need to change it twice a day. However, it is 
important that you informs if the Merula fits to you. A friend of mine prefers a smaller menstrual cup from Bella, because it fits her better. 
Conclusion: No matter which brand you have, a menstrual cup is in my opinion always 

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