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Menstrual cups and cloth pads / panty liners are better for you and better for the environment. They are the reusable, safe and convenient alternative to disposable feminine hygiene products and save you a lots of money in the long run!
Find out more on our info pages about menstrual cups and cloth pads.  
Imse Panty Liners & Cloth Pads (Active) - 3 Pcs.
Size: Normalbinde (M) | ImseVimse pattern: Black

Variants from €19.90*
Imse Panty Liners & Cloth Pads (Classic) - 3 Pk
Size: Pantyliner (S) | ImseVimse pattern: Orange Sprinkle

TotsBots Nora (Stay Dry) Cloth Pad (Size: Midi (M) / Print: Seascape)
Bloom & Nora Muster: Seascape | Size: Midi (M)

Variants from €7.90*
Maijat Panty Liners & Cloth Pads
Size: Normalbinde (M) | Myllymuksut Farben: Braun gestreift

Variants from €7.90*
Bloom & Nora Bloomers Bamboo Cloth Pads
Bloom & Nora Muster: Lush | Size: Mini (S)

Petit Lulu Cloth Pads SLIM - 3-Pack
Size: Nachtbinde (L) | Petit Lulu pattern: Labyrinth

Variants from €18.90*
HappyPo Po-Dusche Mobile Bidet 300ml
HappyPo Farbe: Himbeere

Pink Daisy Cloth Pads (Organic Cotton)
Size: Pantyliner (S) | Blueberry Pattern: Bouquet

Pink Daisy Cloth Pads (Stay Dry)
Size: Wochenbettbinde (XL) | Blueberry Pattern: Blueberry Blooms

Variants from €12.90*
Petit Lulu Panty Liner CLASSIC – 3 pcs
Size: L (Nachtbinde) | Petit Lulu pattern: Cat Meadow

Variants from €20.90*
Imse Panty Liners Tanga - 3 Pcs
ImseVimse pattern: White

Imse Reusable Organic Cotton Tampons - 8 Pack
Size: Mini | ImseVimse pattern: Garden

Lunette Menstrual Cup
Lunette Farbe: Lila | Lunette Größe: Modell 1 (S)

Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup
Luv Ur Body Farbe: Weiß mit roten Blumen | Luv Ur Body Größe: Größe S

MonthlyCup Menstrual Cup
Size: Mini | Colour: Blue Sapphire