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Magabi was founded in 2016 as a small family business. Today it is one of the most famous brands in the world of nappies and wipes, not only in Poland. They sell their products all over Europe and slowly expand offer to other continents. Each of our products is previously tested on Polish children and only after consultation and modifications are put on sale. Magabi diapers are sewn in their own sewing room in Krobia, with full attention to every detail.

Magabi wool snap covers - Not your typical wool overpants! Thin, slim, and grow with you! They are a wonderful alternative to PUL covers, for those who want to wrap their children more naturally.

Magabi Newborn Woven Wool Cover
Magabi Colour: Boston

Magabi Knitted One Size Woolen Cover
Magabi Colour: Light Gray

Magabi One Size Wooven Wool Cover
Magabi Colour: Cologne

Magabi Knitted Newborn Wool Cover
Magabi Colour: Aubergine

Magabi Knitted Side Snap Woolen Cover
Magabi Colour: Violet Indigo