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Our Shop in Trier

We are happy to advise you on everything to do with baby carriers, cloth nappies and child seats.

From January 2023, our Natürlich Familie (StoffyWelt) store will only be open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

Car seat, carrier and cloth nappy consultations will be possible only with appointment, please book an appointment in our calendar in advance. If you decide not to purchase from us after a thorough consultation, we will charge 40€ for the consultation. This fee will be deduced if you decide to purchase a seat/cloth diapers/carrier from us later. 
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Address & opening hours 

Niederkircher Street 12, 54294 Trier, Germany 
 Mon-Wed 9am-6pm 
Thu-Sun Closed 

 Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: 0651 997 926 20 
 WhatsApp: 0157 348 608 82 
 On our Youtube channel you can find a lot of info about our products.

Child Seating Professionals 

Since 2020 we are officially part of the child seat professionals! We offer you professional advice and a large selection of high-quality child seats. We have summarized the necessary basic knowledge about infant carriers, reboarders and bigger car seats on

What can you expect from us? 

We are an online store, but we want to offer our customers the detailed consultations on site. Since we have some products that parents need to get familiar with, we offer the following expert consultations in our small retail store:
Consultations are by appointment only!!! You can book an appointment here. 

Cloth diaper consultation 

Duration: approx. 1 hour, Cost: 40€ (will be charged in case of no purchase) 
In the cloth diaper consultation, we introduce you to different systems with all their advantages and disadvantages. You can touch the different materials, try it on a doll or a dummy and get a comprehensive overview. You'll get all the information you need for washing and on storing diapers at home, on the road or in childcare. Our assortment includes only high quality and durable products that we ourselves have tried and of which we are convinced. By our store you will find the largest selection of modern cloth diapers in Rhineland-Palatinate. 
 You have already 'inherited' cloth nappies, but don't know how to make most use of it? Bring it to us! We know all about cloth nappies and will be happy to help you out, explain how to use them and see if any additions make sense. If you like, you can watch a few videos on our StoffyWelt YouTube channel in advance.

Baby Carriers Consultation

Our trained baby-carriers consultants will help you find a suitable carrier or sling for you and your baby. We will introduce you to different models, which you can then try out first with the doll and then with your baby. It is important to us to teach you the correct handling and the necessary safety in handling. If you are pregnant, your baby bump may be affected while trying carrier with doll. It is best to come together with your baby after birth. If two parents want to use the carrier, both should be present at the consultation so that the carrier fits both of them well.

* Babywearing Consultation: 

Duration: approx. 1 hour, Cost: 40€ (will be charged in case of no purchase). 
You are sure that you want to carry your child, but are overwhelmed by the possibilities of different carriers? You are unsure which model is suitable for you or how to use a baby carrier? Then this is the right consultation for you. You can try out different models and practice until you have chosen a carrier and feel confident with it. We will also show you how to adjust our carriers and see how to use it as your child grows older. Whether you want to carry your child in front of your belly, on your hip or on your back, the consultation is individualized to your needs. 


Cost: 15€/week per baby carrier. 
If you are still not sure whether a baby carrier is right for you, or if it is difficult for you to choose between two carriers, you can borrow one or two carriers from us and try them out again at home. This service is only available after a consultation! We cannot guarantee that the sling you want will be available for you to borrow. 

* Sling consultation: 

Duration: approx. 1 hour, Cost: 10€/15 min. 
Many parents are recommended a sling and are initially overwhelmed; because they can't imagine how they are supposed to wrap many meters of fabric around themselves and the baby, hold the child at the same time and ideally not stumble in the process. One thing is true: tying a sling requires some practice. However, it is not witchcraft :). Once you learn it, it will be so convenient and flexible to use the sling every time. Whether the sling is comfortable and the child is properly supported or above all, whether the sling is correctly tightened- This is more complicated to explain than with a baby carrier, so learning how to tie a sling is exclusive if  you buy a sling by us. However, you are welcome to bring your own sling :) 
Tying methods: 
* wrap around cross carry 
* Kangaroo 
* Simple Backpack 
* Double Hammock with different finishes

Ringling consultation: 

Duration: approx. 45 min, Cost: 40€ (will be charged if you donät buy a ring sling). 
A ring sling is a short sling with two rings that is worn over the shoulder on one side. It is an excellent complement to the sling, the baby carrier or even the stroller and is more suitable for short distances. Perfect for children who constantly want to go up and back down. Usually, the child sits on the hip when doing this. 

 Carrier check:

 Cost: 10€/ 15 min 
You bought a baby carrier somewhere else and don't feel safe because it's uncomfortable, fits wrong or your child feels uncomfortable in it? Then come by with the carrier and your child and we'll take a look at what's wrong. With the right settings and a few adjustments, we can usually find a solution. If the carrier is ultimately unsuitable for you, you can decide whether you want a professional carrier consultation. 

Child seat consultation 

Duration: approx. 2 hours, Cost: 40€ (will be discharged with the purchase of a child seat) 
The careful selection of a suitable child seat is particularly important, because it means the security of your child on the way! The flood of seat models, test and experience reports on the subject of child seats is enormous. It is an enormous challenge to keep track of them all and to find the supposedly "best" child seat. We will help you finding the right child seat that meets the needs of the child and all other family members. Why a child seat is suitable or why not, we explain to you in detail. We give you confidence in the use of the child seat and the necessary knowledge for the safe use of the seat. This is very crucial, because only a correctly installed and adjusted child seat can optimally protect your child in case of accident. 

During consultation we offer trial seating of various seats plus trial installation in the car, as well as guidance on request during installation, if you want to do it yourself. 

 Baby seats action: 

*Duration: approx. 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after the calculated date of delivery. 
*Deposit: 100€ 
*Costs: If you subsequently purchase a baby car seat by us, the BSA is free of charge. If you decide not to purchase, we charge a rental fee of 15€/week. 

 We recommend you to buy the baby car seat only after the birth. Not every car seat fits every child and every car. It depends on how well your baby lies in the shell and also on whether the baby shell you want fits the conditions in the car. The combination of steep back seats and unsuitable baby seats often lead to poor security, as well as discomfort for your child. Therefore, you can borrow a baby seat from us before the birth. This way you can find the optimal baby car seat together with us and only buy it when your baby is born and can try it out. 

We cannot guarantee that the baby car seat you prefer will be available for rent.

And what else? 

Of course, you can expect a lot more from us. We have, among other things, wooden toys, clothing made of wool, carrying jackets, bottles and cans made of stainless steel and glass, products for alternative monthly hygiene and a fine selection of strollers. And of course, we have everything else you can see here on and in our sister store