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TotsBots is a Scottish family business. It started in 2000 with cloth nappies sewn on a sewing machine at the kitchen table. Since then, TotsBots has revolutionized the cloth diaper world. In 2003, they introduced nappies made of bamboo and in 2003, for the very first time, a cloth nappy won the prestigious Mother & Baby Gold award. In 2012, the TotsBots Bamboozle won Mother & Baby Gold for the third year in a row. In addition, the TotsBots Bamboozle won the award for Best Reusable Nappy from the Loved By Parents Awards.
TotsBots Bamboo Inserts for Bamboozle (Peenut) SIO
TotsBots pattern: Owlbert

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TotsBots Easyfit Star V5 AIO One Size
TotsBots pattern: Teekanne

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Totsbots Bamboozle 2.0 Night Nappy
Size: Neugeborene (2 - 7kg) | TotsBots pattern: Moss

Totsbots Bamboozle Nappy Cover 2.0
Size: Neugeborene (2 - 7 kg) | TotsBots pattern: White

TotsBots SwimTot Swim Nappy
Size: M (4,5-9 kg) | TotsBots pattern: Hit the hut

TotsBots Wet/Dry Bag (M)
TotsBots pattern: Rainbow clouds

TotsBots Pull-up Swim Nappy
TotsBots Größe: 6-12 Monate | TotsBots pattern: Mussel Sea Shells

TotsBots Wet Bag (M) (Print: All Sorts)
TotsBots pattern: All Sorts

TotsBots HappyMat Changing Mat
TotsBots pattern: Splash

TotsBots Mini Wet Bag (XS)
TotsBots pattern: Hop Little Bunny