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avo+cado cloth wipes in basket
Cloth wipes are a great alternative to conventional wet wipes. This way, you can avoid waste and protect your baby's skin. Single-layer cloth wipes are particularly suitable as wet wipes for using on-the-go. Whether for the bottom, sticky fingers or for wiping the mouth - they can be taken everywhere in a small wet bag (XS, S) and used again and again!
Lover of Life Petit Cloth Wipes 10 Pack
Lover of Life Muster: Jungen 2

Lover of Life Large Cloth Wipes - 8 Pcs
Lover of Life Muster (groß): Modern

Fürnis Small Washcloth in funny animal designs
Fürnis Tiere: Tintenfisch Tina

Imse Washable Face Wipes - 3 Pcs
ImseVimse pattern: Pink Hoop