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Fürnis Large Washcloth in funny animal designs


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Fürnis Tiere
Product number: 9120007571226
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* Soft washcloth made of organic cotton terry
* Great washing fun guaranteed
* For adults
* Dimensions: approx. 20,5 x 19,5 cm

The Large wash cloth from Fürnis ensure lots of bathing and washing fun - guaranteed!

Thanks to the great animal designs, they enchant every child. The cute designs make the washcloth the perfect hand puppet. This makes a playful approach possible and helps to ensure that the child has fun during bath time.

The numerous motifs, from giraffe and frog to clownfish, create all kinds of colourful and funny stories that can be expanded at any time and provide great excitement even in the bathtub! While the Large Cloth Wipes by Fürnis transform adult hands into funny animals, the Small Cloth Wipe is more suitable for small children’s hands who also want to take part in the funny animal game.

This way, parents and children can transform the sometimes idle bath time and washing into a great adventure story.

100% cotton (organic)
Properties "Fürnis Large Washcloth in funny animal designs"
Dimensions: 20,5 x 19,5 cm
Bio: Yes
Material: Baumwolle
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