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Nora Pads – test kit (Pattern: Celeste)

* 4 washable cloth pads and wet bag
* Highly absorbent
* OEKO-TEX certified

Contents of this test pack:
1x panty liner Liner - 15ml, is smaller than the panty liner Light  
1x panty liner Light (S) - 15ml, for light days or as additional protection when using a menstrual cup.
1x Normal pad (M) - 25ml, for moderate bleeding
1x night pad (L) - 70ml, for moderate to heavy bleeding and for the night
1x wet bag for storage

Nora's panty liners and pads are not only gentle on the skin, but also environmentally friendly, avoiding irritation caused by plastic and chemical ingredients.

Nora's panty liners and sanitary towels are characterised by their slim, soft and supple texture, which is also breathable. These properties ensure that no irritation occurs. The products are free from harmful substances and are OEKO-TEX certified.

One particularly pleasant aspect is their quick-drying properties, which are made possible by a comfortable stay-dry layer. The outer waterproof layer is made of particularly soft recycled polyester.

The elasticated band attached to the panty liners makes them extremely easy to fold and transport. After use, the used panty liners and sanitary towels can be stored effortlessly in a Nora-Wetbag.

Wash in cold water after use to avoid stains. Store in a wet bag until the next wash. Used pads should be washed within 48 hours.

Washable at 40-60 degrees with an enzyme-free detergent. Do not use fabric softener as this reduces absorbency. Do not use aggressive stain removers as this can cause skin irritation and also damage the waterproof membrane of the sanitary napkin.

Can be tumble dried on a gentle setting.

1st & 2nd layer: 100% polyester
3rd layer: 100% polyester (laminated)
Wet pocket: 100% polyester

Made in the UK.
Properties "Nora Pads – test kit (Pattern: Celeste)"
Washable up to: 60 degrees
Organic: Yes
Oeko-Tex: Ja
Material: Polyester
Can be tumble dried: Yes (on low heat)
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