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Mother Ease Air Flow Cover

* Particularly breathable
* Sideway snaps
* Not suitable for prefolds or inserts

The Mother Ease Airflow is a PUL cover that stands out because of its breathability. The cut is clearly different from usual cloth diapers and looks a little 'puffed up'. This is because the cover has a relatively loose fit and the gussets are a little looser around the legs as well. There is plenty of space for air to circulate between the nappy and the cover. This reduces bacterial growth. The space between the diaper and cover also prevents moisture from being pushed out by clothing that is too tight.

The Mother Ease Airflow is not suitable for use with folded inserts, as these would easily slip. In order to use them you need something that is already secured around the child. The cover is very suitable to wear over fitted nappies. Due to their generous cut, even very thickly stuffed night diapers fit under the Airflow cover.
But you can also use them during the day with less absorbent fitted nappies or with prefolds that are secured with a Snappi. It also works very well in combination with a diaper and is a good, adaptable alternative to pull-up covers.

The Airflow has individually adjustable snap fasteners on the side that grow with your child. This makes it adaptable for both slim and sturdy children. The side snaps also have the advantage of being hard to open even for older children. They also reduce the likelihood of leaving marks.

The cuffs are made from a wafer-thin, soft material, which ensures special leakproofness. They should be treated with care and you should make sure that they do not get caught in velcro fasteners or the like. We recommend washing the covers separately or in a laundry net.
The Mother Ease Airflow is available in five sizes and fits particularly well in the respective size specification. Most children are well covered with three sizes from birth to drying out.

XS: 2.5-5 kg
S: 3-6 kg
M: 5-9 kg
L: 9-14 kg
XL: 15-20 kg

* In sizes XS and S, the snaps close from the back to the front to make changing small children easier. From size M upwards, they close from the front to the back and usually cannot be opened easily by your child.

Washable at 60 ° C.
Extreme heat can damage PUL! Avoid drying the cover on the heater or hanging out in the blazing sun for long periods of time. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

100% polyester (coated with polyurethane)

Made in Canada.
Properties "Mother Ease Air Flow Cover"
Made in: Canada
Type of nappy: Cover
Size (Nappy): Newborn, One Size (from 5 kg), XL
Fastening: Snaps
Material: Polyester
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
Questions & Answers

Wir verwenden diese Überhose in Kombination mit den avo+cado Höschenwindel als Nachtlösung. Die Überhose entwickelt bei auch nur einmaliger Verwendung einen derart penetranten, ammoniakähnlichen Geruch, dass sämtliche Kleidungstücke ebenfalls gereinigt werden müssen. Haben andere Kunden dasselbe Problem?

Question from 16 Jun 2024

Das Problem liegt nicht an der Überhose selbst, sondern daran, dass sich Ammoniumsalze abgelagert haben. Das passiert, wenn Stoffys nicht gründlich genug gespült werden oder die Waschmaschine zu voll ist. Um den Geruch zu entfernen, solltest du alles (Windeln, Nasstaschen etc.) einmal mit Milchsäure (Ulrich Entkalker) oder Zitronensäure (Pulver) behandeln. Löse 1-2 Esslöffel in einem Eimer mit warmem Wasser auf und lasse die Windeln etwa 30 Minuten darin einweichen. Danach gründlich ausspülen. Bei einem größeren Behälter verwende entsprechend mehr Milchsäure oder Zitronensäure.

Answer from 17 Jun 2024

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