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William Leistner Wunderbürste

* Removes dirt, pet hair and pilling
* More efficient than razors and lint rollers
* German production

Brushing instead of washing: Good care for all wool products.

The Wunderbürste (German for ‘Miracle Brush’) is ideal for cleaning and caring for all products made from boiled wool, wool fleece, knitted items and clothing made from wool and silk. It gently and thoroughly removes dirt, animal hair and pilling.
All you have to do is brush in the direction of the arrow depicted on the back of the brush.

It has soft special bristles (EU patent) that are curved to one side, with which dirt such as dried mud, leftover food, lint, animal hair and, above all, pilling can be easily removed.
The body made of beech wood is comfortable to hold and is coated with environmentally friendly water-based paint.

Unlike a lint roller, the Wunderbürste’s bristles effortlessly get into hard-to-reach areas like corners or seams and creases by adjusting to the surface texture.

The Wunderbürste is also suitable for cleaning animal blankets and baskets, upholstered furniture, carpets and car seats.

The brush manufacturer William Leistner is a family business based in the Erzgebirge and has been producing brushes for four generations.

Supplied in a paper box with leaflet in 8 languages

The brush should be cleaned regularly with a hair or styling comb or a hairbrush with longer bristles. If needed, use a fork to remove tangled pet hair. The prongs should point upwards.
The brush can be washed out at regular intervals with lukewarm soapy water. For drying, please shake the brush out and place it on the bristles afterwards, so that the water can drip off.

Beech wood
Made in Germany.
Properties "William Leistner Wunderbürste"
Made in: Germany
Material: Wood
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