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Pura Sport Silicone Straw

* increases the lifetime of your Pura Bottle
* BPA-free

This is a great top for when your child is old enough to stop using the baby tops and a good way to keep using your Pura bottle.

The two silicone tops can easily be switched out, and suddenly your child can move on to a sippy straw, the next step up towards drinking from a cup, like one of the big girls and boys. That’s not only an important step in their development but also a sweet alternative to replacing your bottle.

The Big Mouth Sport Straw has an attached lid, which fits snugly on top to seal the bottle off and keep the mouthpiece clean. It has a large hole to sip from and a smaller one, which functions as an inlet for air.

The Big Mouth Sport Straw is completely made out of medical silicone and 100% free from any plastic. This means it does not leech BPA, EA or other toxins that are commonly in plastic. The silicone is not designed for hot liquids over 105°F.

Made responsibly in China.

Properties "Pura Sport Silicone Straw"
Made in: China
For whom?: Toddlers, Kids, Adults
Top: Big Mouth Straw
Dishwasher safe: Yes
Material: Silicone
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