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Popolini EasyFree Pouch

* Part of Popolini EasyFree All-In-3 system
* is tied into the outer diaper 
* available in 3 sizes  

The pouch is the integral part of the Popolini EasyFree All-In-3. It keeps the moisture inside the diaper and ensures that everything stays nice and dry. An insert is placed in the pouch to catch your child's business. The elastic bands in the pouch help to find a snug and comfortable fit that prevents any moisture from leaking.

The pouch is simply snapped into the outer shell of the Popolini EasyFree All-In-3. Since nothing leaks out of the pouch, you generally have to remove only the pouch when it is dirty. Then you can simply snap in a fresh one and continue using the cotton cover.

The Popolini EasyFree pouch is available in sizes S (2.5-5 kg), M (5-10 kg) and L (9-15 kg).

100% polyester (with polyurethane coating), washable at 60°C

Made in Hungary.
Properties "Popolini EasyFree Pouch"
Made in: Hungary
Type of nappy: Pouch
Size (Nappy): Newborn, One Size (from 5 kg)
Material: Polyester
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
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