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The All-In-3 System

The All-In-Three nappy system consists of three parts that are not sewn together. The outer shell is a colorful, reusable cloth nappy made of cotton. A waterproof inner pouch is buttoned into the outer shell and can be replaced as needed.

In the inner pouch you put either a cloth soaker pad or the 100% biodegradable disposable pad.


Popolini Easyfree AI3

The Popolini All-In-3 (AI3) is a three-piece nappy system consisting of an outer shell, inner pouch and insert that is just as easy to use as an ordinary disposable nappy. With the belly trap included, the AI3 can also be used as a stay-away nappy. This means the nappy can be pulled down for your child to do their business in the potty.

The Popolini AI3 comes in 3 sizes: S (2.5-5 kg) M (5-10 kg) and L (9-15 kg) and has an excellent self-adjusting fit in each size specification. Easyfree inserts, boosters and tubs can also be purchased separately.

The matching inserts are recommended for the Popolini AI3, but other absorbent pads and boosters can also be used. We recommend prefolds from avo+cado, Thirsties for this purpose. Thirsties Stay Dry Duo pads also fit. Gauze nappies/ Muslins are also recommended for the small size.

Put on the Popolini Easyfree AI3

Pull down the Popolini Easyfree AI3 - elimination communication

The Popolini AI3 has a strap that can be attached to the outer nappy with hooks. This makes it easy to hold the child off without having to take the nappy completely off. If there is nothing in the nappy, you simply close it again. Should it be necessary to change the insert, this is done in a matter of seconds.
To the Popolini Easyfree AI3

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