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Smart Bottoms Wayfarer

* Holds 10-12 diapers
* Adjustable shoulder strap (50-100cm long)
* Handy for outings

The Wayfarer Bags from Smart Bottoms quickly become the go-to for short trips and errands, or simply to leave a whole load of cloth diapers in kindergarten or with grandma. The PUL-coated bag also reduces unpleasant odors if there are used diapers or sportswear inside. The size-adjustable strap is easy to adjust and can be worn over one shoulder or across the chest.

Inside: 100% polyester (PUL)
Outside: 100% polyester

Care instructions: Washable at 40 °, suitable for tumble drying. Remove shoulder straps before washing and drying

Made in USA.
Properties "Smart Bottoms Wayfarer"
Size (wet bag): L
Holding capacity: 10 nappies
Made in: USA
Material: Polyester
Washable up to: 60 degrees
Can be tumble-dried: Yes (on low heat)
Hangable: Yes
with handle: Yes
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