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Pop-in Breast Pad Bag

* Convenient for on-the-go
* Two storage compartments
* With attachment loop

This nursing pad bag from Pop-in comes with two separate compartments, each with a zipper. That way fresh and used nursing pads can be stored separately. The bag is also made of waterproof material, preventing moisture from the inside from leaking out. It is large enough to hold multiple pairs of Pop-in nursing pads.

On the outside of the nursing pad pocket, there is a fabric flap with a snap fastener, which closes over the wet compartment. This also ensures that no moisture penetrates to the outside. On the outside there is also a small loop that can be used for hanging the bag. 

If your child is older and you no longer breastfeed, you can use the bag to transport make-up, toiletries or similar.

Together with the four nursing pads, you'll receive a bag with two compartments in which you can store both fresh and used nursing pads separately. 

15 x 17 cm

100% polyester (recycled and laminated with TPU)

Wash at up to 40°C
Do not iron, tumble dry or bleach.
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