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Magabi Newborn Woven Wool Cover

* 100% merino wool
* Double layer
* 2,5 - 7 kg

The Magabi wool snap cover is a good choice for parents who want to diaper their children in an even more natural way and prefer a diaper package that is not too thick. The outside is made from finely woven fabric and the inside is from very thin boiled wool. At first glance, it doesn't look like your typical fluffy wool cover at all.

The Magabi wool snap has a slim fit and makes a wonderfully small cloth diaper package. The snug fit is achieved by elastic cuffs around the legs, back and front. It can be adjusted in length several times at the front and is closed using the flaps with the help of a series of snaps, which you can also button over if necessary.

ATTENTION: When opening the snaps, please hold the fabric as close as possible to the snaps. In this way, you avoid damage such as running stitches or tearing the buttons.

The cover has no flaps inside. These are not necessary in a woolen cover because the fabric is not as slippery as PUL

The Magabi wool snap is available in two sizes:

The newborn size can be buttoned very small and fits even delicate newborns and babies from 2.5 kg. Since the fabric is not elastic and the crotch is very narrow, the choice of inserts is slightly limited. On the smallest setting, we recommend using bamboo boosters from avo+cado or Little Lamb. Pop-in boosters are also ideal for this setting, as they are made of a somewhat thinner and softer material.
If the waist height is increased using the snaps, Junior Joy muslins fit nicely, too. Since these shrink slightly when washed, they can be folded so that they are not too long. At the same time, you have an absorbent package that is not too thick. In this setting, you can use the Magabi wool snap up to approx. 7 kg.

The Magabi Woven Wool Cover is also available as One Size Cover.

Wool covers must be lanolized before they are used for the first time and after each wash so that they become and remain water-repellent. We recommend using wool wax for this.

100% wool (merino)

Rinse with vinegar water before first use to avoid staining!
Hand wash at 30 ° C with a suitable wool detergent, pull damp into shape, dry flat. Avoid sudden temperature changes, spin low. Regular re-lanolizing with lanolin is required.

Made in Poland.
Properties "Magabi Newborn Woven Wool Cover"
Made in: Poland
Type of nappy: Cover
Size (Nappy): Newborn
Fastening: Snaps
Material: Wolle
Waschbar bis: Only hand wash
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