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avo+cado nappy liners classic

* Roll with 100 pieces
* Size 16 x 28 cm

The avo+cado cellulose nappy liners are thicker and stronger than other liners, perfect for the milk-drinking period before moving on to solids.

The avo+cado liners are made from natural plant fibres and are completely biodegradable. Oxygen bleached.

Simply lay in the middle of the cloth nappy and dispose of the dirty liner in the toilet with a full flush. Wet-only liners can be handwashed and reused 2-3 times.

Material: 100% Cellulose

Made in Germany.
Properties "avo+cado nappy liners classic"
Made in: Germany
Washable: Yes
avo+cado pattern: White
Material: Cellulose
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