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avo+cado Muslin Nappies 70 x 70 cm - 20 pcs

* Made of organic cotton
* 70 x 70 cm
* Basis weight 175 g / m²

The muslin squares from avo+cado are particularly thick and therefore suitable to be used as diapers. They are absorbent and soft. Whether wrapped around the child as a prefolded diaper, as an insert in covers or as an absorbent booster - there are almost no limits to the use of avo+cado muslin squares.

Even if you don't use cloth diapers, muslin nappies are one of the absolute must-haves in a household with a baby. They are the classic over-the-shoulder burp cloth, act as a changing pad or as a base in the (family) bed and are indispensable when breastfeeding and feeding. They serve as a bib for children of all ages.They are also a wonderful, light and airy blanket during naps in the summer.

In the car, they can be tucked in the window for shade or placed over the child's lap for a snack in the car seat.

Forgotten a sun hat? Fold the gauze diaper into a triangle and put it on your child like a pirate hat. Your sleeping child's head falls to the side in the baby sling? Use the muslin square as a headrest. You can even use it to optimize your baby carrier! 

As a snuggle cloth, as a teething aid with a knot at one corner, as a doll blanket/accessory.
When the kids learn to go to the bathroom, little accidents are wiped away with it in no time and if at some point you think you have no more use for it, you can still use it to polish glasses. I'm sure you can think of even more uses!

So muslin squares are incredibly versatile in their uses and will be for many, many years. They can go in the boil wash if needed and still dry super fast. 
We love them!

The avo+cado muslin diapers are certified according to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

You can start using the diaper after the first wash, but after about 6-10 washes, the fibers are fully fluffed and have developed their full absorbency.

Also available with patterns and in natural and white.

100% cotton (organic)

Washable up to 60°C. Suitable for tumble dryer (gentle setting). Do not use fabric softener.

Made in Pakistan.
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