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Grimm's Confettidots

* From approx. 10 years
* 120 confettidots
* Suitable as decoration or for laying

The colorful confettidots put every party perfectly in scene! The thin, about 2cm large wooden chips decorate the birthday table and complement the beautiful pennant chains perfectly!

They are not only suitable as laying decoration, but also as games for counting, spelling and ordering. At the same time, the confetti allies are a nice addition to the wonderful fantasy worlds of Grimm's. 

There are no limits to creativity! 

Diameter: approx. 2 cm

Material: plywood, color glazed 


Each Grimm's toy is unique. Since natural products are used for manufacturing, different structures in the wood grain and color deviations are quite natural - this is a quality feature and not a defect!

All toys are glazed and were not provided with a final varnish, so there may be some color abrasion initially, but this is harmless.

In case of soiling, simply clean the toy with a damp cloth. In no case use disinfectant or hot water!
Properties "Grimm's Confettidots "
Age: 10 years+
Art des Spielzeugs: fürs Kinderzimmer
Nachhaltiges Holz?: Ja
Material: Wood
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