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StoffyWelt by Natürlich Familie in Trier

Everything you see on our online shops and are also available in our local store! We are excited to answer your questions about baby carriers, cloth diapers and children’s car seats. We take time to assist you and your family to find the right products for your needs. If you would like to have a consultation, please use our calendar for appointmentsy/ to avoid waiting time.


Address and opening times

Niederkircher Straße 12, 54294 Trier

Monday to Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Don't hersitate to contact us if you have any questions! Our team speaks German and English and some speak French.

0651 997 926 20

WhatsApp: 0157 348 608 82

@ natuerlichfamilie

@ natuerlich_familie

On our Youtube Channel you can find more information about our products.


We are now also professional in child car seat! We offer professional consultation and many high-quality products. You can find the basic information

What can you expect from us?

You are very welcome to pass by and visit our shop anytime during opening hours. We provide many sustainable products for babies and family. Moreover, our experienced team can assist you with professional consultation about the following topics:


Cloth diaper consultation

Be are proud to have the largest selections of modern cloth diapers in Rhineland-Palatinate. We can assist you to find out which system is best for family. The consultation is free, which can takes around one hour. Please book an appointment in advance, so that we have time for you. If you want, you can view our StoffyWelt YouTube Channel for some basic information about cloth nappies. We also offer a workshop, which is more intensive about this topic and takes around 2,5 hours in our course room.


Our professional consultants would love to assist you in finding the best carrier for your family. Please book an appointment in advance. We also offer workshops in small groups. At the moment you can book appointment for:

Baby carrier consultation:  The first consultation including trying 2-4 carriers is free. It takes around 40-60 minutes. If you are still pregnant, the baby bump can get in the way when you try the carrier. It's best to come with your baby after the birth. If both of the parents want to use the same carrier, both should be present at the appointment. If you need more detailed consultation, it costs 10 Euro/15 minutes extra.

Baby wrap consultation: Do you want to learn how to use a wrap to carry your baby? A wrap is ideal for carrying your newborn on the front or for larger babies on your back. If you are pregnant, the baby bump can interfere with practice. It's best to come with your baby after the birth. If you would like to learn how to tie a wrap, this costs 10€ per 15 minutes. A typical consultation takes around 60 minutes.

Carrier check:  If you have already bought a carrier somewhere else but you don't feel confident wearing it because it is uncomfortable or it has not been adjusted properly, don't hesitate to bring the carrier and your baby to us, we'd love to help you out! In case the carrier is really not suitable for you, we will assist you to find another suitable one. The carrier check costs 10€/ 15 minutes.
  Ring sling consultation:  The first sales consultation including the tying of a ringling is free of charge. In most cases, a ringling consultation lasts about 20 minutes. If you are pregnant, the baby bump can interfere with practice. It's best to come with your baby after the birth.

Child safety seat consultation

Since April 2020 we are also a member of Kindersitzprofis (child safety seat professionals) and we are able to help you find the right car seat for your child and which fits your bar. As part of our service, we install different car seats in your car to find out which one fits better and we also teach you to install it correctly in your own vehicle. Please book a professional consultation in advance so that we can arrange time for you.

Workshops & Events

As soon as there are new events in our shop, we will post the dates below. Previous events have included:
Workshop: Babywearing with a wrap on the front
Workshop: Babywearing with a wrap on the back
Workshop: Cloth nappies
Cloth nappy meet up
Breastfeeding meet up
Flea market

And what else?

Beside car sately seats, cloth diapers and carriers, we proudly introduce to you and your family some more sustainable and wonderful products: wooden toys, wool clothes, babywearing jackets, bottles and food containers from stainless steel or glass, alternative monthly hygiene and high-quality strollers. Just come by and visit us, we look forward to seeing you!