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You have discovered the cloth diaper world lately and are so excited to explore more? You have so many questions but don't know from where to start?
Feel free to contact us, our friendly experienced customer supporting team is ready to answer your questions and it is totally free! why not give us a call now?

If you prefer using Facebook or Whatsapp, just write us and we will contact you back as soon as possible :)

We have also prepared many cute and useful designs, texts and photos , which can make your exploration into the cloth diaper world much easier!


Just like in any relationship, communication is the key!
Whenever a problem occurs, feel free to contact us! Together we can find out the best solution and we ensure you, it is not that complicating! :D


prima service

All the ways lead to StoffyWelt ;)
Hundred positive feedbacks and compliments from our beloved customers since years have always been the best impulse for us to keep spreading our love for cloth diaper. We thank you for your trust and appreciation!
We are also thankful for any critics, which can help us to improve our service. You are very welcome to leave your feedback here.