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ManyMonths Wool Shorties

* Beautiful colors
* Soft, breathable and absorbent wool
* Can be worn as shorts or wool cover
* 100% merino wool

Miracle/NewComer (S): 0-4 months (size 50-62)
Charmer (M): 3-9 months (size 62-74)
Explorer (L): 6-18 months (size 68-86)
Adventurer Plus (XL): 1-4 years (size 86-100)

The popular wool shorts from ManyMonths are suitable for all those who have not yet dared to wear wool clothing or for those who are looking for a stylish wool cover. 

As a pretty short, the double layered ManyMonths Shortie convinces because the finely knitted merino wool is very soft and therefore does not scratch or itch, which makes it especially attractive for wool skeptics. In addition, thanks to the soft material, the shorts feel almost like cotton trousers, with the great advantage that they keep much warmer in winter and have a temperature-compensating effect in summer. 

The ManyMonths Shortie has an extra high and comfortable cut to keep the baby's belly and back warm at all times. 

At the same time, the high Shortie is super suitable for all those who prefer shirts to bodysuits. The shirts can be simply and easily filled into the Shortie and slipping out as soon as your child moves more, bends or sits is prevented. 

The generous cut and the elastic structure make the Shortie also the perfect wool cover, even for beginners. 

In order to use the ManyMonths Shortie as an overpants for cloth diapers, the Shortie (like other wool covers) must first be lanolised with wool wax so that it can reliably absorb excess moisture. This makes the Shortie a super practical option for everyday use, as it can be both shorts and cover!

If you want to use the Shortie as cover at night, it will take a few wool wax baths and washes to make it water-repellent enough to function reliably all night long. For a start, it's best to use the Shortie only during the day as a cover and only after a few weeks and washes for the night. Although the ManyMonths Shortie is narrow cut, it fits well over bulky night nappies like the Petit Lulu Maxi fitted nappy.

If you're looking for long legged wool pants, we recommend ManyMonths Wool Longies. Otherwise the Lenya Wolwikkel covers and the Disana knitted covers are also great covers made of wool.

Material: 100% Merinowool

Washable at 30 degrees by hand or in the machine (wool program) with similar colors.

Not suitable for tumble drying.

Do not use bleach.

Designed in Finland.

Manufactured in a GOTS certified factory in China.
Properties "ManyMonths Wool Shorties"
Made in: China
Type of clothing: Hose, short trousers
For whom?: Babies, Toddlers, Kids
Nappy type: Cover
Fastening: Pull up cover
Season: Spring, Summer
Certified organic livestock production: Yes
Organic: Yes
Mulesing-free: Yes
Material: Wool
Washable up to: hand wash only
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