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Little Lamb Nappy Liners Classic

* Roll with 100 pieces
* Size 19 x 27.5 cm
* Can be washed multiple times

Little Lamb paper nappy liners are designed to be placed in the nappy next to baby's skin. The nappy will draw any moisture through the liner but it will stop the solids. When you change baby's dirty nappy, remove the liner and drop it down the toilet with the solid waste and simply flush it away.

If the liner is only wet, it can be rinsed out in the sink or washed with the rest of the nappies in the washing machine and used again.

Caution: Do not flush paper liners if you have old, narrow, or damaged drains. If unsure please dispose of them in the rubbish.

100% biodegradable, not chlorine bleached. Made from PLA from renewable biomass (plant starch from corn, manioc, sugar cane, or sugar beet pulp) and therefore environmentally friendly. In 2-6 months, PLA decomposes in a composting system.
Properties "Little Lamb Nappy Liners Classic"
Material: Cellulose
Waschbar bis: 60 degrees
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