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Cosilana Overall with scratch protection (wool/cotton fleece) (Size: 062/068 / Colour: 140 grey)

* 60% wool / 40% organic cotton
* Wooden buttons
* Fold-over sleeves and legs

The super cute Cosilana Overall is made from wool/cotton fleece and will make your baby as warm and cuddly as a teddy bear! The breathable merino wool is ideal for autumn and winter and allows your baby to have fun exploring inside and outside, while neither freezing or sweating, which can happen when wearing all-over bodysuits made from cotton or polyester.

The fold-over sleeves act as gloves to keep your child's hands warm and with the snuggly hood, it's usually not necessary to wear a hat. Even the long legs can be folded over the shoes if needed. This overall will definitely become a favourite item of clothing in your home, as it is so practical and comfortable.

The organic merino wool has a natural water-repelling effect due to its lanolin content. That also makes it easy to clean. Usually you only need to shake the clothes or rub it down and the dirt will fall off. Regular airing will neutralise any odours. Woolfleece only needs to be washed when it is very soiled. 

If you would prefer a more firmer and robuster fabric, especially if the child is spending a lot of time in the forest, then we recommend the Disana Overall instead.

Back length - Measured from neck to crotch:
50/56 - ca. 33cm
62/68 - ca. 36cm
74/80 - ca. 42cm
86/92 - ca. 45cm
98/104 - ca. 50cm

60% wool
40% cotton (organic)

This version with the wool-cotton mix can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine on wool programme. Avoid wringing or rubbing which may result in shrinking. 

Do not dry in tumble dryer. Line dry only.
Always use a suitable wool detergent. Can be lanolised after washing with wool wax or use a detergent contained lanolin.

Made in Germany.
Properties "Cosilana Overall with scratch protection (wool/cotton fleece) (Size: 062/068 / Colour: 140 grey)"
Made in: Germany
Type of clothing: Woolen Apparel, Overall, Boiled wool overall
For whom?: Babies, Kids
German Sizing (Kids Clothing): 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80
Fastening: Buttons
Season: Winter, Autumn
Certified organic livestock production: Yes
Organic: Yes
Material: Cotton, Wool
Washable up to: 30 degrees
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